Edition 74 - July 2019 / Editorial

Editorial – Ed. 74

For the present 74th Issue of Endocrinologia Pediatrica on Line, we have selected, for our Subject Review Section, to comment on an interesting publication about the effect of Everolimus, a new treatment for the aggressive prolactinoma, recently published by Zhang et al. (University of California, at Los Angeles), in the J Clin Endocrinol Metab (Jun 2019).

For the Bibliographic Review Section, we have selected to comment five recent publications, and one plenary conference delivered at ENDO 2019 (see bibliographic citations in the respective Section): 1) The low-dose ACTH test: usefulness of combined analysis of serum and salivary maximum cortisol response in paediatrics, by Vaiani et al, 2) The epigenetic clock and pubertal, neuroendocrine, psychiatric, and cognitive outcomes in adolescents, by Suarez et al. 3) Poor growth response during the first year of growth hormone treatment in short prepubertal children with growth hormone deficiency and born small for gestational age: a comparison of different criteria, by Straetemans et al, 4) A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies which identified six new loci for serum calcium concentrations, by O’Seaghdha et al, 5) An ENDO2019 plenary lecture (PL02) related to imprinting and epigenetic gene regulation during development and under adverse environmental conditions, by Bartolomei M, and 6) The relationship between epigenetics and “imprinting” by Kalish JM et al.


Alicia Belgorosky, MD                                                           Marco A. Rivarola, MD

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